VPS Price Changes

We have updated the pricing of all Linux VPS plans. This new pricing will be in effect from the second quarter of 2017 onward.

These changes have been announced 90 days before via email. Some plans have gone up in pricing while some have gone down.

OpenVZ VPS Plans

  • OVZ-1024: $10.99/mo
  • OVZ-2048: $20.99/mo
  • OVZ-3072: $37.99/mo
  • OVZ-4096: $50.99/mo
  • OVZ-5120: $62.99/mo
  • OVZ-6144: $75.99/mo
  • OVZ-8192: $100.99/mo
  • OVZ-9216: $125.99/mo


  • KVM-1024: $12.50/mo
  • KVM-2048: $25.00/mo
  • KVM-4096: $50.00/mo
  • KVM-8192: $100.00/mo